Fair Poker today announced the simultaneous release of their new 50% up to $200 sign-up bonus and a revised points system, ‘coins’ as their method of bonus-calculation. The question is, how ‘fair’ is Fair Poker’s new award? Using our unique Advanced Bonus Chart method of calculation, it is ‘fair’ to say that the new bonus is certainly an improvement on the old 25% bonus, and the coins method of awarding regular players gives Fair Poker a competitive edge that they lacked in the past and might put them amongst the best casino bonuses.

As everyone familiar with our ABC method knows, bonuses are assessed on the basis of one ‘break-even’ type player playing 40 raked hands per hour for two hours a day on a $2/$4 six-seat limit table, 30 days per month, paying an average rake of $1.56 per hand. These figures are not liquid, and of course everyone’s play differs wildly to this (ABC plays at a very slow rate for a six-seater, but we chose this ratio to present an even and fair set of figures to the public).

Down to the nitty gritty. Fair Poker’s bonus is awarded in $10 increments for each 500 ‘coins’ earned. All we need to concentrate on here is the amount of coins our ABC player earns over the course of a month, and how long it will take him to clear the bonus. A quick look at Fair Poker’s chart tells us that ABC earns 6 coins per hand on average (a rake of $1.51-$2 = 6 coins). This amounts to 240 coins per hour and 480 coins per day’s play.

And this is where it gets a little more complicated. Fair Poker operates a reward-scheme (VIP club) based on the amount of coins a player earns during the course of a month. Every player starts as a ‘Silver’ level player, and has the opportunity to rise to ‘Gold’ after he/she has earned 3,500 coins, and ‘Platinum’ after 7,500 coins. Our ABC player reaches ‘Gold’ after 7.3 days play, and ‘Platinum’ after 14.44 days. But how does this make a difference to the ratings? Well, when ABC becomes a ‘Gold’ player, he earns 7 coins on average per raked hand; when he reaches ‘Platinum’ level, the amount of coins he picks up on average per raked hand rises to 8.

And so ABC earns on average 6 coins per raked hand for 7.3 days, 7 coins per raked hand over the next 7.14 days, and 8 coins per raked hand thereafter. In all, it takes our player 18.35 days to clear this $200 bonus at an average rate of$5.50 per hour (rising from the initial $4.80 per hour earned as a Silver player). This gives Fair Poker the following ratings on our ABC chart:

  • Speed: 5.50 (17th position)
  • Mean: 1144 (10th position)
  • Value: 0572 (21st position)

These figures represent a marked improvement on Fair Poker’s previous chartings of 20th place for Speed, 26th place for Mean and a lowly 39th for Value; in effect Fair Poker have improved their rating from ‘low-to-middling’ to ‘quite competitive’ overnight. The Speed rating of 7th is particularly impressive, and a 22 position rise from 39th to 17th in Value puts Fair Poker in a much healthier position than it was prior to the release of their new bonus.
How Does Fair Poker Rank vs. its iPoker Competitors?
This is the key question. In addition to Fair Poker, pokerppl.com features no less than six other poker rooms on the same network: Noble Poker, CD Poker, Titan Poker, Playgate Poker, Diamond Club Poker and Prestige Poker. A quick glance at our chart tells us that the latter four poker rooms have uncompetitive bonus awards, and the three to concentrate on here are Fair Poker (which had previously languished in the same bracket as the unconsidered quadruplet), Noble Poker and CD Poker.

But what do the figures mean? Well, the ‘Speed’ rating is the rate at which the bonus clears on a $ per hour basis. Simple enough. The ‘Mean’ rating is a combination of the bonus amount and the speed at which the bonus clears, and is for use by those who wish to deposit the full amount required to have a crack at the full bonus, and the ‘Value’ rating is an assessment of the total value of the bonus taking into account the previous two figures and the percentage of the award. In short, Noble Poker comes out tops for those with $500 to invest to attempt the full bonus. For those with less than this to invest, it is a toss-up between Noble Poker and Fair Poker, while CD Poker is a viable alternative coming in just a few places behind.

Congratulations Fair Poker, you might do some business now!