It is currently a common trend for social media to be awash with the gaming hype of happy gamblers. Many online gambling institutions have their own Facebook and Twitter pages, allowing them to divulge to their players their latest promotions and offers. Without doubt the most common site is that of casinos and bookmakers promoting their latest no-deposit bets, a trend that is seemingly as hot as the very social media platforms which they inhabit.

The beauty of no-deposit bets is that it is a universal concept. The idea is that betting operators – bingo houses, bookmakers or casinos – offer players bets without the need for a deposit. Essentially this is a completely free bet, which could result in winning money for nothing.

Naturally there are always terms and conditions when any new player joins and redeems a free bet offer. They usually revolves around a “play-through” system, namely that players must play-through (re-bet) the amount that they received a set number of times before they can withdraw any winnings.

For example, a player joining a bingo site in return for a £5 free bet bonus will have to re-stake that amount in any bingo game across the site’s selection of games. Bingo cards tend to be more varied in cost than betting chips, starting from as little as 1p, which gives room for a large number of games for a £5 bet.

A sports punter looking for no-deposit bets will get less mileage out of a £5 free bet, depending on the bet staked, odds and selection. While a £5 free bet may last a bingo player a few hours, it will not go so far in online bookmakers, which means that gamers must choose their bets carefully.

Thankfully, there are a number of excellent directory sources out there that facilitate the choice process perfectly. Using one such site allows players to compare and contrast the various no-deposit bets available, research which bet will get the most mileage and make an informed decision based on their own terms. Such directory sites also have Facebook and Twitter pages, which mean that careful bettors can also get the best and most up-to-date betting information direct to their laptops or smartphones. They need not seek out the information, for it will come to them.

In our fast-paced society our eagerness to get the best bargains and buys has permeated through to our betting habits. Even five minutes ago seems like an age, and by the time a reader is finished perusing this article betting offers and promotions will have progressed apace. Fortunately for all bettors online, the best casino bonuses will not leave them behind.